The Bible Prophecy Archive

The Bible Prophecy Archive is a non profit endeavor to curate and preserve quality teachings on the subject of Bible prophecy in order to ensure the survival of these materials in the event of natural disasters, cyber attacks, or censorship.

This free archive includes articles, books, audiobooks, and videos, from various Bible prophecy teachers, used with their permission.

The large zip file is designed to be downloaded, unzipped, and transferred to a micro sd card or USB thumb drive. The files can be viewed on a phone, computer or similar device.

You may need to format a memory card as "exFAT" if the card has been used previoulsy.

If you are downloading this for preservation purposes, we courage you to keep the data in a safe place, along with a note explaining what the data drive is, and how to use it.

The main file: can be downloaded from the link below.


File Size: 22.9 GB

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Physical Copy

You can request a totally free 36gb USB drive to be mailed to you by sending an email to: and letting us know where to send it. 


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